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Emergency Situation Students Specialized Communications

Specialized Communications Fulfillment:

W/F was pleased to provide a seven figure convertible debenture for operating expansion and physical plant to this highly specialized provider of multilingual messaging between school districts, administrators, teachers and students. With as many as 47 languages and dialects spoken in larger districts around the country, timely and effective communications, especially in emergency situations are critical. See More information at:

Consumers enjoying market Roadium Open Air Market selection of Roadium goods

The Roadium Open Air Market:

The Roadium has been operating for more than 50 years and is the largest such market in the U.S. It is unique in that it is open 7 days a week and last year provided over 1.6 million shoppers with opportunities to secure bargain prices for name brand merchandise. Each Day some 500 vendors display a vast array of food items, tools, toys, clothing and household goods to as many as 8000 shoppers. Visit:

Brewery Bavarian view Hops for beer

Uplifter Spirits:

This boutique importer of select Bavarian Beers has established itself as a well positioned source of world class micro brewery product. Much like certain wine segments the super premium beer market provides enhanced returns in an expanding market. With the execution of additional distribution agreements beyond it's current markets of California and Florida into Texas, Arizona and New York, the company is establishing itself as a nationwide presence in this select market. Visit: